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Sherman Construction Provides Professional Services To All Clients,
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Whether you are at the ideas and concepts stage of a potential project or days before bidding a project, let Sherman Construction provide the right professional services to guarantee your satisfaction.

Involvement of your General Contractor during the design/development of a project proves to be an invaluable asset. The Pre-Construction stage of the project will produce clearly identified goals. Through clarification and commitment to project goals, Sherman Construction provides both owner and architect with improved control of scheduling and budget. By utilizing Sherman Construction’s unique experiences, team members are able to establish a road map for design decisions pertaining to budget, specific project scope and project schedule.

The purpose of a partnering relationship is to bring all parties together at the start of a project to eliminate potential conflicts that sometimes arise on commercial construction projects. Partnering does not change the legal contract, but rather establishes working relationships that deliver great projects by establishing win/win thinking for all parties involved. It is best to identify your need for Partnering during the design or pre-bid phase of the project.

Utilizing the Design-Build method of project delivery, owners will contract directly with Sherman Construction (the design builder) to provide all design and construction services. This method offers owners the benefit of a single point of contact for all questions and it aligns responsibility for a successful project with the general contractor. By consolidating planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities, owners can expect improvements in the quality, schedule and budget by streamlining the overall process. Design-Build services can be delivered by a single firm, a team of professionals or through a joint venture. Sherman Construction brings together a team of professionals tailored to the individual owner’s specific needs. Through our project management approach, Sherman Construction can bring together designers, architects, engineers and other construction partners working towards a common goal that will guarantee the highest quality project delivered on-time, at a competitive price.

Design-Bid-build is the traditional project delivery approach that was used for most of the 20th century to procure construction services. Historically, Sherman Construction has performed a greater percentage of our work within this type of delivery system for our clients. Typically this process will involve the owner contracting design development services and construction services with two different entities. At Sherman, we have a long, successful history of working with project teams through Design-Bid-Build. Since this method involves multiple parties, great communication becomes a vital asset to the success of the project. Sherman Construction’s experience demonstrates success delivering projects no matter the challenge. It is important to engage Sherman Construction during the design phase of the project planning, so appropriate consideration can be given as to the constructability and cost estimates of the desired design. Whether your evaluation process is weighted towards Best Overall Value or Qualifications Based, Sherman Construction provides the services to deliver your project on schedule and under budget.

Construction Management @ Risk
Sherman Construction offers customers a unique opportunity with our construction management services. Customers gain tremendous benefits from Sherman’s combination of real life field experience, innovative estimating/value-engineering offerings and creative project management consistently aimed at delivering results. Sherman Construction can meet your specific construction management needs. Whether you need to evaluate time/cost considerations during preconstruction development, review project scheduling, manage cost control or coordination of on-site construction activities, Sherman Construction can be your solution to a well run project.

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