Clemson University Memorial Stadium – Northwest Plaza

Athletic & Recreational Facilities

Sherman Construction was selected by Clemson University to perform multiple stadium renovations to Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, including the East End Zone enhancements and the North West End Zone Plaza. With the desire to enhance Game Day Experience, Clemson hired Sherman Construction to provide a completely new look to the East End Zone by increasing and updating an all new Handicap Seating area on the south east and north east corners of the stadium. This allowed to re-purpose the East End Zone for a new Main Gate Entrance that allows the Clemson Football Players to arrive and enter the stadium for game time. Included in this enhancement was a new video board structure and all associated components required to allow the new state of the art video board to provide the ultimate Game Day Experience!

One of the game day challenges on the West End Zone for Memorial Stadium was the ability to travel between the North and South side stands. To help provide a solution, Sherman Construction provided a poured-in-place concrete plaza to mitigate crowd level congestion, as well as providing a gathering plaza to view the “Tiger Walk”, which is where the players enter the Stadium two hours before game time and a fabulous game time experience. Another major part of the scope was to construct a dining facility for players during the week, as well as game day meals for major donors, recruits and player parents, and a renovation to the visitor locker room.