Clemson University West Energy Plant

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

Sherman was chosen as part of a design-build team for the West Energy Plant project for Clemson University in 2015. The West Energy Plant brought online an additional 3,000 tons of chilled water, boosting the campus capacity by approximately 30%. It is comprised of two 1,500 ton variable drive chillers with room to expand and more than double its capacity. The West Energy Plant was built in anticipation of supporting major upgrades and renovations to several facilities (such as Littlejohn Coliseum, Football Operations Facility, and Indoor Football Practice Facility) and other campus expansion.

There were two logistical challenges initially just because of the location. The site selected was relatively close to Littlejohn Coliseum and Memorial Stadium. To help with the aesthetics of the overall project, many of the large trees were left on the site. Sherman was able to coordinate with the trades and various subcontractors to ensure as many trees as possible were left and not damaged during the process. Additionally, the project started late spring of 2015 and reached completion in early 2016. That meant for the entire football season, we needed to be ready for tremendous pedestrian traffic around the job site, even more so than the typical higher education project.