G Werber Bryan Psychiatric Hospital

Medical Facilities

The Bryan C&A project consisted of detailed phasing of sitework, utility, hardscape and security upgrades located around construction and adjacent and functioning buildings on the Bryan C&A campus.  The renovation and additions included modifications in five different buildings including renovations of existing patient lodges, work spaces, classrooms, treatment areas and associated recreational areas.  Interior renovations provided for upgrades to patient living conditions, safety, security and functioning mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The additions consisted of new buildings supporting Administration, Admissions and Housekeeping functions that were limited in usable space ahead of construction to support the growing campus and patient population.  The new Administration and Admission buildings were constructed of metal stud framing, exterior sheathing, metal panels and brick masonry while the housekeeping building is a packaged metal building structure.

The Bryan C&A project presented many challenges of an existing and functioning healthcare facility during construction process.  Sherman Construction was engaged on a daily basis to ensure the flow of everyday construction and the overall project met the Owner’s needs from beginning to end of the project.  Sherman Construction was able to identify a plan of action to attack the schedule of construction activities that allowed for renovation areas to complete ahead new construction support buildings so that the immediate patient relocation need was met ahead of overall project completion per the Contract requirement.