Owings Industrial Park Speculative Building

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Owings Speculative Building

A 250′ x 200′ structural steel building with insulated precast exterior walls. The precast walls were 7” thick comprising of 2” concrete on either side and 3” insulation in the center to allow for maximum R value of 12. Layout consists of 5 bays on the 250’ length which allows for 50’ bays center to center of the columns. On the short length of the building, 200’ there are 4 bays. The entrance to the building was a 12×12 concrete pad with storefront entry doors. There was a total of 630 sf of curtain wall glass used at the entrance. The ceiling in the entryway was metal soffi t panels. Originally the precast panels had knockouts for the overhead doors, however funds were available to put that scope in the project on the front end. Windows were installed on 3 sides to allow natural light. The structure was painted with a white base paint to allow reflective light in the future. Minimum asphalt parking and curbing was installed and a gravel entry road to be converted once purchased.