Quick Jobs Development Center

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

The Quick Jobs Development Center was a new 14,650 SF, one-story facility for advanced training in high technology manufacturing using robotics. The original project from Union County was scheduled to begin January 14, 2009 and be substantially complete by August 1, 2009, with final completion by August 30, 2009. The contract was awarded on February 5, 2009 and completed on-time and within budget.  We received official Economic Development Administration Final Acceptance on September 30, 2009. The original contract was for $1,901,000.  Owner associated changes and custom selections on the project totaled $317,544, making the final contract total $2,218,544. Changes or additions involved such things as several plan revisions, interior signage and widening the entry drive to meet DOT specifications. This project was developed through EDA grants and performed in compliance with Davis-Bacon Labor requirements.