Virginia Tech Indoor Athletic Facility

Athletic & Recreational Facilities

Sherman partnered with WM Jordan, based in New Port News Virginia, was selected to Design and Build the VT Indoor Athletic Training Facility. The indoor facility provides practice space for an array of sports teams at Virginia Tech from football to baseball, softball and lacrosse. The facility is 200 feet wide and 400 feet long and 85 feet high and ample room along the sidelines and end zones, allowing plenty of space for full-contact scrimmages. The facility features roll up door for protection against inclement weather, two observation decks with videography and coaches, and stadium lighting both inside and outside. This facility is unique due to the height of the facility. While the majority of the facilities around the country have not been design for punting, it was extremely important to the coaching staff at VT to have the ability to perform full special teams practices. Therefore, it was determined that the clear height needed for this  facility would need to be 85’, which at the time of construction was the tallest in the country for collegiate indoor practice facility.