Sherman Construction provides the best employees who strive to deliver on their specific jobs and in turn, develop the best final product for you. In today’s construction industry, we see many organizations paying too little attention to the service aspects of a construction project. Through being service-focused, Sherman Construction is able to consistently deliver projects with fewer surprises, accelerated schedules, and budgetary alignment. In the end, you will enjoy the process of building your new facility and you will have a personal relationship that remains for years to come.

Cost Compliance

Sherman Construction achieves cost compliance on projects through excellent project management matched with extensive communication of specific budget goals to all Sherman team members. This process begins during the design and preconstruction phase, extends to the buyout of a project and meets execution upon ground breaking. Sherman Construction’s Project Managers have direct responsibility for cost compliance and are supported by a dedicated CFO. Effective reporting tools from our Procore Construction Management Software provide all Sherman Team Members with real-time performance data that help deliver successful projects within budget for our clients.

Schedule Compliance

A clearly established project schedule that aligns with the owner’s overall goals is the foundation of Sherman Construction’s schedule compliance success. Sherman Construction strictly manages each project to meet the necessary schedule and then we provide the necessary support to team members, in order to deliver the project on-time. Daily, weekly and monthly updates are communicated to Sherman Team Members through Microsoft Project. Consistent updating of current field data to the project schedule allows for appropriate resources to be on-site when needed.

Safety, Quality and Technology

Sherman Construction is the proud recipient of ABC’s Diamond-level STEP Award, the highest-level of safety recognition in the national construction association’s STEP Safety Management System. Established 30 years ago, the Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) serves as a benchmarking and improvement tool for achieving world-class safety performance in construction. Sherman Construction believes that maintaining a First Class Safety Program directly impacts the success of every project. An on-staff, dedicated Safety/Quality Director is a vital part of Sherman Construction’s excellent safety record. Through corporate safety training and inspections on every project, Toolbox Safety Meetings provided to field staff and comprehensive Safety Reporting, Sherman Construction takes the steps to deliver safe projects for everyone involved. Our exemplary safety record has been recognized consistently by National and Regional AGC Groups. The investments made in Safety are also mirrored when it comes to Sherman Construction’s implementation of Technology. We have implemented real-time communication and digital project documentation on all projects. This technology allows Sherman to identify field questions earlier, communicate issues more effectively, which in turn obtains answers quicker and keeps projects on-schedule and on-budget. 

Estimating – Value Engineering

Sherman Construction delivers excellence in estimating by creating a balance between conventional building knowledge and real-world field experiences. This balance achieves multiple goals for our clients:

#1 – Design and construct a building that meets your stated goals in the most efficient manner.

#2 – You receive a complete estimate that represents the investment it will take to complete your project. We eliminate the guess work and the ballpark estimates.

In those times where the conceptual building design doesn’t align with the financial realities, Sherman Construction’s innovative value engineering services can be the solution. With our extensive field experience and partner subcontractors, we can identify avenues that better align the project design with the financial requirements. In the end, many projects that were originally left in the concept stage are revived and become completed projects for our clients.

Service Focused

Sherman Construction’s best asset is represented by our employees and their hard work and dedication to deliver world-class services every day. We are especially proud of the investments we make in our employees, which has leads to some of the lowest employee turnover found in the construction industry. Sherman Construction aims to maintain the best construction professionals, so that we consistently deliver a service-focused approach to construction. Through our focus on service, we are able to deliver projects with fewer surprises, accelerated schedules, and complete budgetary alignment. In the end, you will enjoy the process of building your new facility and everyone involved builds personal relationships that remain for years to come.

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